Property Management Services

“You own the property, Homburg own the responsibility”

Our Service Promise to you

Our team takes the everyday worry out of property investment, whilst maximizing your returns.

  • We listen and communicate transparently
  • We deliver results through experience and integrity
  • We create opportunities for service success
  • 24/7 emergency service to protect your asset
  • Offer a designated Trust Manager to deliver financial stability
  • Designated and experienced Property Manager and Property Assistant for each of your properties that specializes in understanding your asset
  • Access to comprehensive reporting on your property
  • Engage highly qualified tradespeople that we trust
  • We take care of your legal obligations under the Act

Why Homburg?

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from engaging the largest and most service orientated property management team in the Barossa region. We listen to your needs.

  • Largest Property Management team to support customer outcomes
  • Stable and experienced Property Management team that understands your needs
  • A wealth of business experience and qualifications
  • We pride ourselves on efficient systems and up to date processes to deliver the highest standard to detail
  • Area that offers comprehensive options and efficiencies
  • Specialise in using local trades and services of the highest standard, to create efficiencies in problem solving
  • Benefit from the largest data base of active and registered Tenants in the local market place
  • Our staff live in your community
  • Real people with great work ethic
  • We thrive on integrity and our ‘Can-Do’ attitude
  • Over 100 years of experience in the local market
  • We take responsibility

Our Focus

Just as every home is different, so too are our Landlords. We understand that each of our Landlords has different needs and expectations of Homburg. We pride ourselves on understanding and responding to individuals differences.

Simply stated Homburg will protect your investment by:

Consistently assessing all areas of your property, to achieve the highest maintenance standards, through our proactive attention to detail and industry leading processes in order to prevent rather than to fix problems.

We understand what you, the Landlord wants and needs form the management of your property:
  • You want to develop a professional and communicative relationship with your Property Manager
  • You want access to your Property Manager when needed
  • You want to minimise your expenses and maximise your financial position
  • You want to know that your property is being maintained by the tenant under the watchful eye of the property managers intimate knowledge of your property
  • Absolute discretion in all manners concerning your property
  • You want to be kept up to date with what is happening with your property
  • You want to be assured that the rent is being paid according to the requirements of the Agreement
  • You want to be comfortable in the knowledge that experienced staff are acting within the bounds of the Residential Tenancies Act on your behalf
  • You want to avoid the day to day issues of Tenancy Management
Our philosophies are simple:
  • To give the highest standard of professionalism in the services we provide
  • To always act with your best interest in mind
  • To act with the highest level of honesty and integrity
  • To provide you with ‘Can-Do’ property management service
  • To establish and develop mutually beneficial business relationships
  • To take responsibility and accountability of our system, process and people
  • To communicate transparently

Management Services

Prevention is always better than a cure, and is achieved by attention to detail from beginning to end. That’s the promise of the team.

For full detail of our Management Service package, please click here to complete an appraisal request and one of our team will be in contact to explore how we can match your needs with our services.

How to get on board with the Homburg Property Management Team

Making the decision to have your investment property managed by Homburg Real Estate professional property managers couldn’t be easier!

With another agent?

Out of agreement (which means your current management agreement has expired) or general agency managements can switch to Homburg Real Estate by simply terminating their existing management in writing. Once the letter has been addressed and signed by you, we will do the rest.

You will not have to call your current agency or communicate with them in any way if you don’t want to.

We will forward the termination document you have signed on your behalf to your current agency and make arrangements to collect all of your files, keys and other necessary documents.

We will send you a Homburg Real Estate Management Agreement to you for signing, once you have signed it and returned it to us, you will start to experience the difference 100 years of Real Estate tradition can offer.

Where your property management is under a fixed management period, we may still be able to help. Give one of our friendly Homburg team members a call to discuss your management options.

Managing your property yourself?

Simply call us. We would be happy to give you a current market appraisal and discuss the advantages of the Homburg Property Management experience with you.

Let us help you. With 100 years of Real Estate tradition servicing the Barossa Valley and a clear focus on our clients needs, what do you have to lose!

Appraisal Request

Homburg Real Estate and the property management team appraise property for the rental market across all areas of the Barossa Valley and surrounding districts. This service is free and without obligation.

Whether you are looking at the potential of a property that is currently listed on the market for sale, you are a current landlord in the private sector, with another agent , or just want to know what your home could achieve as a rental, we are here to help.

Contact the friendly Homburg team for a confidential, free, no obligation chat on 8562 2600

Or click here to get your free market appraisal.

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