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Homburg Real Estate Your Number 1 Real Estate Agency in Barossa for Property Sales, Management & Leasing. 

Look no further than Homburg Real Estate; leaders in the Barossa Valley Real Estate market. We are professional, trusted and known for our individual market strategy and exceptional level of service.

Tips Regarding Real Estate in Barossa

When you are buying real estate, you need the following:
  • Knowledge: Research Barossa Valley Real Estate for available properties. You can trust our agents to aid you in this process.
  • View The Property: The Real Estate market in Barossa Valley has a lot on offer. View the property and do not just rely on the sales person’s confidence in the property. You have the right to request that a building inspector inspect the home with you. Be certain that you are paying for what you are getting, and that you will not be surprised by costly unknowns after having signed on the dotted line.

Problems Homburg Real Estate Addresses

Should you opt not to work with the leader in Real Estate in the Barossa Valley, you could face some challenges. Challenges you would not need to contend with at Homburg Real Estate, the No. 1 Barossa Valley Real Estate Company
  • Required Documentation: There are various documents you need to supply or be supplied when buying property which gives you information regarding how you may or may not develop it and so forth. Torrens Title, Strata Title or Community Title to mention a few. Homburg Real Estate will ensure you have all the required documentation.
  • Not Understanding Contract Terms and Conditions: Not understanding contract terms and conditions can have serious repercussions. There are Chattels – things which do not form part of the real estate but may be included in the sale of the home. An Easement is when right over land is granted to a third party and Encumbrances which pertain to restrictions over the land. We ensure you fully understand the full implications of buying a specific property.
  • Conveyancing: Owning Real Estate in Barossa and attempting to do your own conveyancing could be to your detriment. A conveyancer is someone who is registered under the Conveyancers Act 1994, who can advise you throughout the whole process. We work with highly recommended solicitors who we trust to effectively guide you through this minefield. 
We have been doing this since 1904 and have grown with the market and changing times. We care for and add value to the community in which we operate as the leading Barossa Valley Real Estate agency

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