I wish to vacate

Please read the following information and advise Homburg Real Estate in writing if you wish to give notice to vacate your property.

How Much Notice to I have to give?

  • If you are on a periodic tenancy you are required to provide a minimum of 21 days notice.
  • If your Tenancy agreement is on a fixed term, you are responsible for the property until the expiry date of the agreement. We will advertise in an endeavour to re-let the property as quickly as possible but you will be responsible until the day a new tenant moves in and also be liable for any break lease costs as they are incurred.
  • If you were on a fixed term tenancy but is has expired, your tenancy has become periodic, and you are required to provide 21 days notice.

Advertising the Property

Homburg Real Estate will now commence advertising your property for rent and will require access between now and your vacating date in order to show prospective tenants through your home. Viewings will always be conducted by a Professional Property Manager from our office and particular care will be taken to ensure the safety of your personal goods during these inspections. In all instances, we will co-ordinate the property inspections with you and you are welcome to be present.

What is the next step?

We will write to you shortly after receiving your written notification and outline everything you need to know to assist you in vacating the property. This information will also include details about the refund of your bond.

The most important thing to remember if you wish to vacate, is that notice must be given in writing.