We work with our owners, tenants and sales team to expand and apply solutions that enhance value and increase efficiency. Our professionals use the most superior processes and technology available to continuously amplify your income, reduce risk and enhance the value of your asset.

Our understanding and experience covers every segment of the commercial property investment market, including office space, industrial property, retail property, residential property, storage, rural, viticulture and agribusiness.

In order to extract the most value out of your property investment, our objective is based on achieving a balance between strategy and process.

Our service:

Commercial property investment and portfolio management

  • Commercial property lease information and reporting
  • Vacancy referrals and commercial leasing coordination
  • Critical date monitoring
  • Commercial lease administration reporting

Commercial property business and operational management

  • Contract management
  • Vital task management
  • Facilities management
  • Asset preservation and maintenance management
  • Sustainability, realisation and management
  • Refurbishment and project management of capital works programmes


The team at Homburg are committed to delivering commercial accommodation solutions based on understanding and experience, unique to our clients’ needs. From pre-leases to subleases, market analysis to lease analysis, we are the market leaders in the Barossa Valley and surrounding areas.

Our specialised knowledge and expertise in leasing extends across every sector of the property market including

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Storage
  • Residential

At the head of our approach to leasing is a profound appreciation of issues impacting both owner and occupier, combined with the knowledge and experience to deliver quality solutions.

Team Homburg understands that business premises are time and again more than an address; rather they are a podium to make business objectives an actuality.

From providing advice on potential development to restoration programs, rental rates and lease conditions, our service sees the Homburg team lease our clients’ unoccupied space in the shortest possible time frame, negotiate rights of renewal, conditions and market leading returns.

Service to Owners

From portfolio management to tenant advisory, our Commercial Leasing specialists provide tailored end to end real estate solutions. You can expect;

  • A single point of contact and client assessment of your business and property goals
  • Professional expertise matched to your unique requirements with a focus on increasing value and maximising return
  • Access to a network of property professionals with the capability to provide local property expertise to compliment your business needs
  • Property technology and processes tailored to the structure of your business
  • Open communication, transparent service and a knowledge sharing culture
  • First class commercial, industrial and retail property experience and knowledge
  • Comprehensive access to transactional data for all property markets in the Barossa Valley and surrounding areas
  • Integrated lease facilities and financial management systems
  • Lease concept, authentication, administration and statistic management
  • Financial and outgoings management
  • Rent reviews and lease renewals
  • Portfolio assessment and benchmarking
  • Property lease and vacancy management
  • Tenant and subtenant relationship and lease management

Our Property Management Service

In order to provide service excellence to our clients and provide a balance between strategy and process, we have broken down our leasing model to highlight the following:

Commercial property investment and portfolio management

  • Commercial property lease information and reporting
  • Vacancy referrals and commercial leasing coordination
  • Critical dates
  • Commercial property lease administration reporting

Financial management

  • Commercial property trust accounting and financial management services
  • Owner reporting Billing, receivables and collection
  • Outgoing reconciliation and management

Corporate real estate management

  • Property identification, acquisition and lease negotiation
  • Lease management administration
  • Critical date management
  • Property system administration
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Property portfolio management