Property Investment Advice

Your property decisions should always be based on sound and accurate knowledge. We provide a full range of option and specialist services across all market sectors, to make certain you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Whether you are an occupier, property holder, shareholder or developer, our experts deliver tailored solutions to meet your needs, accomplish your goals and hasten your success.

We lever our skills, experience and understanding in every transaction for each client to add value, minimise risk and achieve the optimum results.

Every property presents a unique set of circumstances – location, land use, size, age, condition, utility, efficiency, cost, value, risk – and requires a unique solution.

Homburg Real Estate and the commercial asset management team will ensure that you get the best value from your property. We provide advice which is planned, profitable, lateral and practical. We focus on solutions and strategically aligned outcomes. We work at the front end of projects, where assessment and organisational objectives are as important as cost and return.

We are energetic in the pursuit of your objectives, but are also understanding of delays, because sometimes things take time when you are in the pursuit of excellence. We are meticulous in taking care of detail. We work with, as well as for you, encouraging active engagement to ensure ongoing feedback and direction. We consider that an upfront investment and correct planning for property projects is crucial to the realisation of greater solutions and outcomes.

Access to accurate and objective property research should be the foundation of all good property decisions.

We share our knowledge and experiences to deliver innovative, effective solutions and investment property advice. Our unique approach integrates people, experience, systems and technology to create meaningful business connections and client outcomes.

Our specialised approach, combined with extensive experience, research and local knowledge of commercial property ensures you can make the most informed and financially sound property investment decisions.

Team Homburg endeavour to help you understand and forecast the implications of new and developing issues, such as sustainability, the market, demographic movements and psychographic change.