Company Profile

The name “Homburg” has been synonymous with Real Estate in this region for over 100 years, and for all except the last 7 years, there has been a Homburg family member involved with the company in some capacity.

Now, the current owners Guy and Tracy Draper, Andrew and Donna Beadman, wish to honor the hard work, high standards, honesty and integrity of those Homburg family members, by maintaining their name as the single, uncomplicated title of this truly independent, Barossa Valley based, Real Estate company.

Having experienced a number of different Real Estate structures, the owners believe that there are just a few basic elements when it comes to running a successful Real Estate business, and they are

“Our people, Our clients and Our community.”

“Our people are our staff, and by focusing on targeted and relevant training, structured support and job satisfaction, we know the staff will be better placed to focus on you, and your needs.”

“Our clients are as individual as the houses they inhabit, and each deserves to be treated as such. We will work with you, with shared goals, to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome that suits your schedule and your budget.”

“Our community is this fabulous region in which we live, work and play, and with independence we can direct our time, effort, money and support to the things that matter the most to our little piece of the world. We the owners, and our staff derive our living from this community, and we want to show our appreciation by supporting those who support us”